How To Choose An Eyelash Serum (That Really Works)

How To Choose An Eyelash Serum (That Really Works)

If you take anything from this blog post, let it be this: Your eyelashes need love and care! Luckily, the beauty industry is finally catching on to this little-known lash fact. But with so many products now flooding the market, choosing an eyelash serum that actually leads to visible results can be overwhelming.


Here’s how to find an eyelash serum that will actually improve the appearance of your natural lashes.

What does eyelash serum do?

Eyelash serum is a special formula designed to strengthen your natural lashes. By applying it morning and night, eyelash serums will hydrate your lashes, preventing them from falling out or breaking. With less lash fall, your lash line will become thicker over time as more lashes grow.

What do look for in an eyelash serum

That being said, not all eyelash serums are created equal! When deciding which eyelash serum brand to invest in, be sure to check up on the following aspects.

1.   Proven results


If the brand can’t show real results on real people, move on! Head to their website or social profiles and look for clear “before and after” images. These will indicate the kind of results you can expect from their product.

 How To Choose An Eyelash Serum (That Really Works)

Caption: These results clearly show a significant difference after using EVEDARE Eyelash Serum.

2.   Money-back guarantee


Brands can make huge claims, but can they put their money where their mouth is? If a brand truly believes in their product, they’ll have no problem offering a money-back guarantee, which means you can try their product without any risk.

3.   Positive reviews


One of the best ways to gauge the effectiveness of an eyelash serum is to read the reviews. By looking at real reviews from real people on a platform such as Amazon, you can tell how well an eyelash serum really works.

4.   High-quality ingredients


For an eyelash serum to really work, it must be made from proven ingredients that are high in lash-boosting vitamins such as Vitamin E and ingredients with anti-oxidant properties. Hydrating oils also provide moisture to your lashes, preventing brittleness and breakage. Good ingredients to look out for include plant extracts such as Bergamot, Blue Pea and Kigelia African. Castor oil, Tocopherol (Vitamin E)  and Acetyl Tetrapeptide-3 Peptide (for stimulating hair follicles) are also known for their lash-boosting properties.


It’s also important to avoid eyelash serums containing harmful growth hormones known as prostaglandins. These hormones can have incredibly negative, permanent side effects such as dark undereye circles and discolouration of the iris.

5.   Dermatologist tested


Always ensure your product is tested by a dermatologist! Being in such close proximity to your eyes, your lash line is extremely sensitive, and even if you don’t normally suffer from skin sensitivities, using harsh, untested chemicals in this region can cause serious damage.

6.   Non-toxic


When in doubt, opt for the clean beauty option! You’d be surprised by how many ingredients with known adverse side effects (ranging from skin irritations to cancer) are still widely used in beauty products across the U.S.  Be safe and opt for non-toxic products made from non-toxic, plant-based ingredients instead.

EVEDARE Eyelash Serum


Would you like thicker, longer natural lashes but don’t know where to start? EVEDARE Eyelash Serum is a perfect choice that ticks all the boxes. We promise real results in as little as 4 weeks or we’ll send you a refund. And, as a top-rated eyelash serum on Amazon with hundreds of reviews from real women, you can trust that our product offers gorgeous natural lash results. For a clean, non-toxic, dermatologist-tested eyelash serum, choose EVEDARE.


How To Choose An Eyelash Serum (That Really Works)

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