3 Secrets Every Woman Should Know About Her Lashes

3 Secrets Every Woman Should Know About Her Lashes

Do you remember the first time you applied your own makeup? Your eyeliner made you look liek a racoon, you had mascara on your nose, and your blush looked more dramatic than an 80s supermodel! Of course, as the years went on, you slowly learned the tricks and techniques that would help you accentuate your natural beauty.


You learned the best way to apply lipstick that gave your lips just the right amount of pucker. You learned how to contour better than a Kardashian. You even learned the secrets to shaping your brows and the wonders of blending. But did anybody ever teach you the secrets to proper lash care?


If you’re anything like me, it took you years to realize that your lashes need some TLC to look their best. Or perhaps this is the first time you’re hearing about this at all! Either way, there are a few secrets that every woman should know if she wants her lashes to look as good as the brows, she took years to perfect!


Here are the 3 secrets every woman should know about her lashes.

1.  Your lashes are naturally longer than you think

Lashes grow in three phases, and each individual lash could be at any of the three phases of the lash cycle. The three lash cycles are:


  • Anagen phase - Eyelashes are growing from the root. This phase lasts 30-45 days.
  • Catagen phase - The hair follicle shrinks during this phase and no growth or regrowth can occur. This lasts 7-14 days. If a lash falls out during this phase, the follicle will need to wait until the next phase before a new lash can form.
  • Telogen phase - Lash is fully grown and will remain on the lid until it falls out. This can last up to 100 days.


Lashes that reach the third and final phase will remain intact until they fall out. However, if they break during this phase due to improper lash care, only the short, remaining part of the lash will be visible, which can lead you to think your lashes are shorter than they really are.


The truth is that you aren’t allowing your lashes to grow and stay at their full potential because they are breaking before they can. Likewise, if a lash falls out in the second phase, you will have to wait around 2 weeks for a new lash to begin to form, taking you right back to the Anagen phase where you’ll have to wait up to 45 days for a new lash to form. If you have a thin lash line, it’s likely because your lashes are falling out sooner than they should due to improper lash care.

2.  You need to care for your lashes the same way you care for the hair on your head

By now you can see that your natural lashes have the potential to grow a lot longer and thicker if you care for them correctly. This means that just like the hair on your head, your lashes need some TLC. A good lash care routine includes


  • Using a high-quality lash serum morning and night to hydrate the lashes and prevent breakage and lash fall
  • Gently brushing your lashes daily
  • Removing makeup before you go to bed
  • Avoid wearing false lashes


For more ways to care for your lashes, read our blog post about natural lash care.

3.  You can get more dramatic lashes without makeup or falsies

If the idea of ditching the falsies made you want to click away, don’t worry! The good news is you can get gorgeous dramatic lashes naturally. Firstly it’s important to follow a solid lash care routine as stated above. The most important step here is using an eyelash serum that is proven and contains no harsh chemicals or hormones. A great all-natural option is  EVEDARE Eyelash Serum.


To get an even more dramatic lash look, using an eyelash curler can make a visible difference without doing damage to your lashes. Again, be sure to use a high-quality, non-heated curler for the best long-term results.


3 Secrets Every Woman Should Know About Her Lashes

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