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Welcome to the EVEDARE community. EVEDARE isn’t only about all-natural, cruelty-free beauty products. We are also dedicated to building a community of strong, confident women who dare to dream big and achieve whatever they put their mind to!

Our team, led by founder, Rung Gunnarsson, has worked tirelessly to create an all-natural eyelash serum that truly works, leaving your lashes longer, fuller and more beautiful than ever. 

Our Story

Several years ago Rung began her search for an eyelash growth serum that improved the appearance of her natural eyelashes. However, her search to find a product that not only worked but also contained no potentially dangerous chemicals proved impossible.

That’s when the idea for EVEDARE was born.

Rung began testing various formulas on her own eyelashes to find a batch that brought about the kind of results she was looking for. With the help of her team using sophisticated testing methods that involved no animal testing, she was able to come up with a formula that was safe, natural and effective.


It was at this time that her life took an unexpected turn…

While she was perfecting the EVEDARE Eyelash Serum formula, her husband suddenly fell ill. At the time, she and her husband ran his business together, but when he was unable to work for 5 months she realised that she needed to have something of her own - something that she could rely on no matter what came her way. That’s when she decided to take control of her own destiny and pursue her dream of opening her own business.

But there was one thing that stood in her way: she didn’t believe in herself. Despite over a decade of climbing the corporate ladder and, later, running her husband’s company, she still felt unqualified to run her own.

That’s when she came across a saying that changed her life forever:

‘People who think they can and people who think they cannot: they both are right.’

She then realised: the problem wasn’t that she wasn’t capable of launching her own business, it was that she didn’t believe she was. All she needed to do was shift her mindset, learn to grow in self confidence and dare to pursue her dreams.

This was the start of EVEDARE. She would combine her passion for natural skin care and beauty together with her desire to own her own business, all the while encouraging other women to pursue their dreams too.

For this reason, Rung’s mission with EVEDARE is to grow a community of empowered women who dare to dream and dare to do. As women, we all have unlimited potential within us, all we need to do is have the confidence to unleash it.


EVEDARE Eyelash Serum is an all-natural lash growth serum created with the professional woman in mind.

Feel courageous, empowered and confident. Dream, dare, and do what you were born to do!


There is nothing more powerful than a confident woman, and what helps boost confidence more than a beauty regime that truly works? Through high quality, all-natural beauty products, it is EVEDARE’s mission to help women tap into their most confident selves, dare to dream bigger than they ever have before, and achieve success.

She had a dream. She dared to live it.

EVEDARE Eyelash Serum is cruelty-free, paraben-free and made from all-natural plant extracts. 

Get gorgeously long and thick lashes naturally with EVEDARE.

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