8 Tips For Natural Lash Care

8 Tips For Natural Lash Care

I am makeup obsessed. There, I said it! The problem is ever since I started EVEDARE I’ve realized how easy (and important) it is to adopt a sustainable beauty regime - particularly natural lash care. I’m now super aware of how my choices affect the environment and my own health, and I’m always looking for ways to adjust my beauty regime to match my new, sustainable lifestyle.


And yes - even your lash look affects the environment.


But never fear, ladies, because there is a way to get gorgeous, dramatic lashes without harming the planet. In this week’s blog, I’m sharing my top 8 tips for natural lash care that actually work! I promise that if you follow these 8 tips your lashes will look amazing (perhaps even better than before) but your impact will be minimal.


1. Avoid false lashes


Let’s be clear - there’s a difference between lash extensions and false lashes. When I say “false lashes” I’m referring to disposable lash sets that are glued on at home using lash glue. There are two issues here: one - false lashes and the packaging they come in are often not recyclable and create unnecessary waste. Two - even if the lashes made of natural fibers, such as from mink fur, they are likely not cruelty-free. Lash glue also contains harsh chemicals that not only have the potential to cause an allergic reaction but may also be harmful when absorbed into our skin and washed into our oceans.


Don’t worry - giving up false lashes doesn’t mean you have to settle for a boring, thin lash look. The rest of my tips will allow you to grow naturally strong, voluminous lashes that look just as good as falsies. And if you aren’t quite ready to give up your lash extensions - great news! These tips can absolutely be used on lash extensions.  However, for a more sustainable option, stick to natural lash fibers such as mink (as long as they’re cruelty-free and free-range).


2. Always remove your makeup gently


Note that if you have lash extensions you should never use mascara. That being said, you’re still allowed to wear liner and eyeshadow and the golden rule is to ALWAYS remove your makeup before you go to bed. But be warned - harsh makeup removers and rubbing the eyes excessively can lead to your natural lashes falling out. I recommend using the makeup removing tips I mentioned in the previous section. However, if you have lash extensions, coconut oil may cause your extensions to fall out prematurely. Find an organic makeup remover in recyclable packaging instead.


3. Stock up on vitamin supplements


Certain vitamin supplements will promote healthy natural lash growth. Try Vitamin B-3, Vitamin C, Vitamin H (or biotin) calcium and, most importantly Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant. You can also find special supplements specifically for hair, skin and nails that will promote healthy lash growth too. Please check with your doctor before taking any supplements.


4. Choose your mascara wisely


Many mascaras contain chemicals that will dry out your lashes and cause breakage. Always avoid the harmful chemicals I listed earlier in this ebook as well as mascara that contains ethel alcohol which will dry out your lashes too. It goes without saying that you should always go cruelty-free and vegan or vegetarian where possible! And remember, if you have lash extensions DO NOT use mascara!


5. Drink green tea


Sipping on natural, organic green tea has a HUGE range of health benefits that are too long to list here. And while drinking the tea will promote hair growth both on your head and your lashes due to growth promoting compound called EGCG, you can also apply it topically using a reusable cotton pad once a day (be sure to let it cool down before you to this)!


6. Massage regularly


Massaging improves circulation and can improve hair thickness of hair on the scalp. For similar results on the lashes, gently massage your upper and lower lids regularly. Be sure not to rub too vigorously which may result in lash loss.


7. Brush your lashes regularly


Brushing your lashes helps to distribute your natural oils evenly along your lashes. This keeps them strong and nourished, preventing breakage. Gentle brushing is also highly recommended for lash extensions as it makes them last longer. Simply brush your lashes twice daily for 15-20 seconds using a bamboo, recyclable lash comb or brush.


8. Invest in an all-natural eyelash serum


Using an all-natural, cruelty-free lash serum such as EVEDARE Eyelash Serum is my number one tip for sustainable natural lash care. There are so many benefits to using lash serum whether or not you wear lash extensions. Personally, after using eyelash growth serum regularly I don’t feel the need to get extensions anymore - my lashes are long and lush naturally. In fact, I hardly ever use mascara anymore - and you know how makeup obsessed I am!



As you can see, it’s not that complicated to care for your lashes naturally, especially if you invest in a good, all-natural lash serum.


Speaking of which, our EVEDARE Eyelash Serum is launching in just a few short weeks! It’s cruelty-free, paraben-free and made from all-natural plant extract. And YES - it works!


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EVEDARE 8 Tips For Natural Lash Care

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