How She Did It - Stories Of Successful Female Entrepreneurs Cassandra Caruso

How She Did It - Stories Of Successful Female Entrepreneurs Cassandra Caruso

There’s nothing more powerful than a confident woman, and a confident woman is an inspiring woman. That’s why we’ve decided to sit down with some of today’s most inspiring female business owners to find out what drives them, what led them on the path to success and what motivated them to follow their dreams in the first place. Join us over the next few months as we uncover stories of successful female entrepreneurs in our blog series, How She Did It.


When Cassandra became a mom of two boys, she realised she needed to make a change. Working a 9-5 wasn’t fulfilling, and being a new mom while working on her many side hustles (her only creative outlet) was becoming too stressful. She turned to her meditation practice looking for answers and that’s when it clicked: She needed to combine her two passions, design and people, and she knew just how to do it.  She quit her 9-5 and put all her heart and soul into making Hello Beyouteeful (her branding and design agency) a reality. Many courses, freebies and YouTube videos later, she’d taught herself enough to be able to launch her company and become the boss babe she always dreamed she’d be.


Four years later, Hello Beyouteeful is thriving, so we caught up with her to find out how she went out from stressed out mom to badass female CEO.


What inspired you to become a female CEO in the first place?

I am always inspired by other female CEOs like Oprah, Marie Forleo, and Jenna Kutcher. It fuels me with so much faith knowing that these women literally started with nothing and have built their empires from the ground up.


I’m also a lover of inspirational quotes and my absolute favorite is “everything is figureoutable” - Marie Forleo. It has changed my perspective on everything, knowing that all the resources are right in front of me and I am the only one who needs to take action on them.

“everything is figureoutable” - Marie Forleo

What has been one of your biggest obstacles as a business owner and how did you overcome it?

The biggest obstacle is definitely time! Being a mom and running a business is tough, especially when you have a toddler who doesn't like sleep. However, there are a few things I do to overcome it. Firstly, I wake up before my kids! I try to get at least one thing done in the morning, whether it’s a blog post or a newsletter email, it is still making progress in your business.

Second is time blocking! Every Sunday I write out my tasks for the week and then I time block my entire schedule from kids activities to my lunch break. It really keeps me focus on my client projects and life. Lastly, I turn off notifications on my phone! Don't get sucked into the black hole of Instagram for hours on end when you could've finished writing 3 blog posts in that amount of time, trust me I've been there! I even have an app on my phone called Help Me Focus, which blocks apps for a certain amount of time too! It’s a life saver when your time is limited.

What is one habit you repeat regularly that you believe has contributed to your success?

There are quite a few things I do on a daily basis but my number one is practicing gratitude and journaling every single day!

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received in business or in life?

Start before you're ready! You will never be fully ready with anything in life, so push past that fear and just go for it, girl! My motto is faith over fear; I even have it tattooed on my forearm as my forever reminder!

What is the number one thing you’ve invested in that has allowed you to become successful in business?

The number one thing I invested in was a group coaching program last year with my coach Karina Ramos. She literally taught us everything from mindset to building our brand pillars. Investing in myself has really changed the game for me. I almost doubled my business income within the first half of this year. Honestly, getting a coach will be the best decision you ever make for yourself and your business!

What motivates you to keep going every day? What is your “why”?

My why is definitely my two boys! Mason is 7 and Leo is 3. Mason already knows mom is a total boss and always in charge - LOL! I would do anything for my boys! I love being able to show them how I can still be MOM work hard, build my business and make my dreams come true.


Thank you so much for giving us a look into what’s made you the wonderwoman you are today, Cassandra!


If you’d like to connect with Cassandra on social media, you can find her on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest.




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How She Did It - Stories Of Successful Female Entrepreneurs Cassandra Caruso

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