What to do if lash extensions ruin your lashes

What to do if lash extensions ruin your lashes

What to do if lash extensions ruin your lashes


I get it, ladies. Long lashes make us feel like a million bucks! Before I discovered lash serum, I would often be tempted to get lash extensions for an instantly dramatic effect. However, I soon started to notice how damaging lash extensions and falsies can be for my lashes.


Here are some of the ways I have protected and repaired my lashes before and after getting lash extensions.


What are the negative side effects of lash extensions?


Our lashes are not only there to look fabulous - they serve an important function too! Our lashes are there to protect our eyes, which is why it’s so important to take care of our natural lashes. Unfortunately, as beautiful as they look, lash extensions can potentially have ugly consequences including allergic reaction, redness, burning and itching. Due to the excess weight on your natural lashes, they can also cause your lashes to fall out prematurely, ultimately resulting in a thinner natural lash line.


How can I fix my lashes after lash extensions?


If you have any negative reactions to the eye or skin surrounding your eye, please consult your doctor. However, here are some ways to fix common lash problems  caused my lash extensions.


Take a lash-cation


It’s important to take regular breaks or “lash-cations”. Lash technicians recommend this break to give your lashes a break from constant stress under the extensions and allow them to experience a full, natural lash cycle. It’s important to use a high-quality lash serum during your lash-cation to nourish and repair damaged lashes.


Opt for lighter extensions


If you find your lashes are falling out due to lash extensions, it’s a sign your lashes extensions are too heavy. At your next fill, opt for lighter, more natural lashes


Invest in a high-quality lash serum


If you are noticing bald spots, a thinning lash line or excess lash fall, it means that your lashes are dehydrated, brittle or weakened. Using an all-natural lash serum such as EVEDARE Eyelash Serum will rehydrate and nourish the lashes, resulting in a stronger, healthier overall lash line. Soon enough, you will notice the bald spots filling out again and longer, more dramatic natural lashes.


The perfect product for damaged lashes

EVEDARE Eyelash Serum is the perfect product for damaged lashes. The plant-based, lash-boosting formula will strengthen and moisturise your lashes, resulting in a visibly longer, thicker lash line within only 4 weeks of regular use.




What to do if lash extensions ruin your lashes

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