Sustainable Beauty Stars - Anika Keils

Sustainable Beauty Stars - Anika Keils

My intention with EVEDARE was to create a sustainable beauty brand that does as little harm to the planet as it does to our health. As I developed our Eyelash Serum, I had the opportunity to learn more and more about how our actions have consequences - even when it comes to our beauty regimes! That’s why, over the next few months, I’ll sit down with some of the world’s rising sustainable beauty stars, giving them a platform to share their knowledge with us so that we can shift towards a more sustainable lifestyle too. This month I sat down with Anika Keils, an Instagram influencer who shares her journey to a more sustainable, conscious life with her followers every day.


Raised in Cologne and now living in Berlin, Germany, Anika Keils is passionate about creating a sustainable lifestyle. Having lived in South Africa for 5 years and then moving back to Germany, she realised that the privilege of living in a developed country and having access to more resources also means that we have a responsibility to reduce our impact. It was this realization that prompted her to start her Instagram blog where she shares all the ways in which she makes sustainable lifestyle choices every day. It’s her hope that her actions will inspire others to reduce their impact too, and we were lucky enough to sit down with her this month to learn how we can do the same.


Why do you believe it’s so important for us to try and live a more sustainable lifestyle?


We only have this one planet earth. And it's suffering, slowly dying. Our resources are in the process of being used up. About 30% of coral reefs worldwide have already been destroyed. Our rainforests which are vital for our own oxygen production are being deforested. Precious wildlife is going extinct. The temperature and sea levels are rising. We are close to a 4 degree temperature rise and we only have a couple years left to make the drastic changes necessary before there is literally nothing we can do anymore. It’s not only important but absolutely vital for us to live more sustainably in order to keep this planet safe and habitable.


EVEDARE Sustainable Beauty Stars - Anika Keils


Shifting to a sustainable lifestyle can be very overwhelming for people as there is SO much information out there. Where do you suggest people start?


The easiest place to start is at home. For me, this meant cutting down my meat and dairy consumption. Even if you aren’t ready to cut it out completely, just reducing it to once or twice a week can make a huge difference. Also, something as simple as switching off all the lights and unused devices when they aren’t being used makes more of a difference than you think.


What are some of your favorite ways to make your beauty regime more sustainable?


I’ve recently started using plastic-free shampoo soap bars which helps reduce the waste I produce. Also, when I choose beauty products, I only buy things that are really necessary and not just because it sparked my interest in that moment, but is something I’ll probably only use once. And then I also buy products that are 100% cruelty free and made with natural ingredients.


What are the top things women should avoid if they want to make more sustainable beauty choices?


Animal testing is something I always avoid. Also, I avoid products with tons of chemicals and ingredients that I can't even pronounce.


What is one must-have sustainable item that you use everyday as part of your beauty routine?


I have a reusable face-cleansing and makeup-removing glove that I use everyday to reduce waste. This way I never have to use disposable makeup pads, which is something I always avoid as they create unnecessary waste.


Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom with us, Anika! For more inspiration on living a sustainable lifestyle and other sustainable beauty tips, follow Anika on Instagram.


Until next month, gorgeous!


Lots of love




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EVEDARE Sustainable Beauty Stars - Anika Keils

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