How to Set Goals (And Actually Achieve Them!)

How to Set Goals (And Actually Achieve Them!)

At EVEDARE, we believe a confident woman is a powerful woman, but even the most confident women can’t step into their full power without a little planning. Now is the perfect time to sit down and set your intentions for the year ahead so that you can be and achieve all you have ever dreamed of. Whether it be through launching your own business, learning a new skill or simply stopping the need to always please others, now is your time to shine. With these goal-setting tips, we know you can do anything you set your mind to, gorgeous!


1. Change your environment

To step into a new mindset, you need to get out of your everyday environment. Since many of us don’t have the luxury of going on a getaway at the moment, perhaps this simply means going for a walk in nature or taking a drive to a nearby town. The key is to get away from the distractions around your home and set aside a few hours to be with yourself. Even if it’s only for an hour or two, this time away from your everyday life will help you to truly clear your mind and think about what you want to achieve.


2. Try guided visualizations

Sitting in silence for even just ten minutes can help to clear your mind as you prepare to set your goals for the new year, a new season or even just for the day. However, if you aren’t used to sitting and focusing on your breath, there are plenty of helpful videos on YouTube that are specifically designed to help you focus on setting goals. Do a search ahead of time to find a video that resonates with you so that you don’t waste time during your goal-setting session.


3. Write them down

This is the most important tip for setting goals that last: write them down. Author and motivational speaker, Rachel Hollis, suggests writing down your top 10 life goals every day in the present tense. For example, instead of writing “I will open my own business,” write down “I am a successful business owner”.


4. Make a vision board

This is one of our favorite steps and allows you to see your dreams come to life every day. For a full tutorial on how to make your own, check out my blog post about how to make a vision board that actually works.


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How to Set Goals (And Actually Achieve Them!)

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