How to grow longer lashes naturally

How to grow longer lashes naturally

Are you tired of having short, thin eyelashes? When you’re getting ready to start your work day, are you wishing you had longer, fuller, lashes so that you can simply get your day started without an extensive makeup routine? Do you want to grow thicker eyelashes naturally so that you can have the look and life you desire?


Here’s the truth. You can!


Whether you’re looking for a high-end or a more sustainable solution, there are treatments available for every budget. Like many women, we’ve done our research and tried our fair share. In this week’s blog, we’re listing the pros and cons of each to help you discover which option will work best for you.


Budget: Under $10

Eyelash Curlers

Eyelash curlers are a beauty staple every woman should have in her collection. This tool is designed to give your natural lashes a lift, curling each lash from the root to create a more elevated look. To go the extra mile, you may try using the curlers before applying mascara.

  • Pros: Quick and simple way to lift your eyelashes. Takes a few seconds of manipulating.
  • Cons: The longer your lashes, the greater the results. This look can be hard to achieve if you have particularly short lashes. Also, heated lash curlers may result in damage to the lashes.


Budget: Under $50

Lash Growth Serums

Eyelash growth serums are elixirs formulated to naturally strengthen and stimulate the hair growth of eyelashes as well as protect it from damage caused by chemicals or the sun. This lash protectant is used as a simple addition to one’s night time regimen to nourish the eyelashes back to health with a simple swipe before sleep. Lash serum is a low-maintenance, healthy, and semi-permanent alternative for growing longer, thicker lashes.

  • Pros: Produces impressive false eyelash-like results in 4 weeks of daily use.
  • Cons: Takes about 4 weeks to see major results.


Budget: Under $150


Latisse is a prescription drug that promotes long and thick eyelash growth for people who may be experiencing loss or thinning of lashes. This medicated treatment was formulated for those with qualifying conditions to help them grow longer, lusher lashes.

  • Pros: Medicated treatment for those with qualifying conditions.
  • Cons: Only obtainable from a doctor. Costs anywhere between $120 - $140 for a 30-day supply.


Budget: Under $200

LVL Lashes

LVL Lashes stands for ‘length, volume and lift’. It is a procedure usually performed by an LVL lash technician at your local salon or spa who uses a perming lotion to lift and straighten your natural eyelashes from the root. This treatment is normally paired with a moisturizing serum to keep eyelashes in good condition.

  • Pros: Takes 45-minutes, but the results last 6 to 8 weeks.
  • Cons: Costs about $150 per treatment. Results are not permanent.


While all of these eyelash-enhancing options will result in longer, thicker, curlier lashes, lash serum is the most sustainable, effective way to enhance your lashes naturally. Sign up to our mailing list to receive an exclusive discount on our EVEDARE eyelash growth serum, launching in June.


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