How She Did It - Stories Of Successful Female Entrepreneurs Kim Jones

How She Did It - Stories Of Successful Female Entrepreneurs Kim Jones

There’s nothing more powerful than a confident woman, and a confident woman is an inspiring woman. That’s why we’ve decided to sit down with some of today’s most inspiring female business owners to find out what drives them, what led them on the path to success and what motivated them to follow their dreams in the first place. Join us over the next few months as we uncover stories of successful female entrepreneurs in our blog series, How She Did It.


Kim Jones, founder of L+K Home Organization, has always been naturally very organized. From her home to her career she always played it safe and had everything under control - that is, until she had twins. Suddenly her world turned upside down, chaos ensued and she soon realized that keeping organized was the only way she’d remain sane as a new mom. After reorganizing her entire home and feeling like a whole new woman, she suspected she hadn’t been the only parent out there struggling to keep afloat. And so the idea for L+K Home Organization was born.


Kim’s business is now thriving as she helps other moms implement organizational systems and processes in the home resulting in happy, stress-free family life. We recently sat down with Kim to find out what inspired her to quit her corporate job and go full-time boss babe!


What inspired you to become a female CEO in the first place?


I’ve always played it safe, but a couple years ago found myself at breaking point. I felt selfish and ridiculous because on the outside my life was perfect! I had a new house, SUV, great job, awesome husband (Ryan) who is hilarious and always keeps me on my toes, my fur baby who I love, and my beautiful twins who I was so blessed to have. But really I was working in the same corporate job I’d been in for 14 years, working 7 days a week, doing real estate on the side, dealing with my daughter’s illness and multiple hospital visits and on top of all that we moved!

I kept pushing until the day my world was rocked with one of our first surgeries for my daughter, Tori.  I had to take off almost a month of work and just focus on my daughter.  Money didn’t matter, nothing did. I was exhausted, frustrated, angry, and sad. 

Once things started to settle, I had my aha moment.  I sent everyone off for the weekend and spent a weekend full of getting my new house unpacked after looking at boxes for months, organized the way I love it (color coded everything), blasting rap music, and being free from responsibility for 48 hours.  It was amazing!  I felt like an entirely new woman when the family came home and I was beyond excited to see them. 

It was then that the idea of L+K was born.  This is the new me! I am not  playing it safe anymore. I have put myself out there to the world and ready to live life!


What has been one of your biggest obstacles as a business owner and how did you overcome it?


I started with a business partner because I didn’t believe I was good enough.  My partner never had the passion behind the business that I did, and it was a constant struggle.  After going to a week long training class I realized I had to say something; it was like a light bulb went off.  The next day I went over to my partner’s house first thing in the morning and we discussed.  I truly believe she was relieved, and we are now both in a better position. 


My other major struggle is charging friends and family.  I have major guilt in taking their money but at the same time have no problem paying them for something.  This is a struggle I am still working with my business coach on, but I have come a long way!


What is one habit you repeat regularly that you believe has contributed to your success?


Putting myself out there, day in and day out.  I continue to do FB lives, post regularly, and show up in my business.



What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received in business or in life?


Think and act like a boss. I’ve also had a good friend tell me that it’s ok to have pity parties, but to remember to keep them short lived and when it’s time to put your big girl undies back on.


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What is the number one thing you’ve invested in that has allowed you to become successful in business?


A business coach that holds me accountable, gives me resources and methods to succeed.


What motivates you to keep going every day? What is your “why”?


This is likely very cliché but my “why” is my children.  Seeing my daughter struggle when she was first born was truly my wake-up call.  I watched her in the first year of her life continue to fight and be so strong.  She was a fighter, which made me realize this is a strong little girl and there is no place for a weak mom in her life.  Plus, I knew that deep down I was strong. 

She taught me to dig deep and fight for what I want out of life.  Now, I have a major diva on my hands that is constantly keeping me on my toes.  However, I am in a position in life to truly be present to enjoy every second as time flies by.


Thank you so much for inspiring us with your true story, strength and passion, Kim!


If you’d like to connect with Kim on social media, you can find her on Instagram or Facebook.


How She Did It - Stories Of Successful Female Entrepreneurs Kim Jones


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