Can Eyelash Curlers Damage My Lashes?

Can Eyelash Curlers Damage My Lashes?

You’re reading this because you’re after the perfect natural lash look. Falsies and extensions aren’t always an option, especially if you have sensitive skin, if you’re on a budget, or you if want to avoid potentially harmful chemicals. Eyelash curlers promise an instant lash effect, but at what cost? Perhaps you’ve heard horror stories or seen shocking videos online like this one of women accidentally pulling out all of their lashes with lash curlers! So as effective as lash curlers may be, are they really worth it?

The truth about eyelash curlers

Using an eyelash curler is perfectly safe if you use it correctly. But just like any product or beauty tool, using a lash curler incorrectly can have potentially negative side effects including:


  • Eye infection
  • Lash breakage
  • Accidental lash removal


As scary as these sound, they’re pretty easy to avoid if you follow these eyelash curler tips.


1.   Only curl clean lashes

Never curl your lashes after applying mascara, which can cause the lashes to stick to the curler and be ripped out - ouch!

2.  Use a high-quality lash curler

Using a high-quality, ergonomic lash curler will ensure you don’t slip and rip your lashes. Opt for a lash curler that fits all eye shapes and sizes.

3.  Change the curling pads regularly

The pads on your curler need to be changed regularly to avoid bacteria buildup which can cause eye infections.

4.  Clean your curler regularly

Regularly clean your curler using warm soapy water to remove excess dirt and oils and prevent infection.

5.  Follow the instructions


Eyelash curlers work wonders for natural lashes, but only if used correctly! Learn how to use an eyelash curler the right way in our blog post, How to Use an Eyelash Curler.

6.  Use with lash serum

Using a lash serum day and night will not only lengthen but strengthen your lashes, ensuring that they remain intact even when using tools like a lash curler.


EVEDARE Eyelash Serum is the perfect product to strengthen your lashes. Apply to the upper lash line and allow it to dry completely before curling in the morning. Be sure to use your lash serum at night on clean lashes right before you go to bed, too.


Can Eyelash Curlers Damage My Lashes?

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