Here’s Why Women Are Obsessing Over Eyelash Serum

Here’s Why Women Are Obsessing Over Eyelash Serum

Did you know you should be taking care of your eyelashes in the same way you care for the hair on your head? Our eyelashes are said to grow about one centimeter every 2-4 weeks. If you want to avoid balding or the stripping away of your natural lash line, it’s important to adopt a good eye care regimen. By following the steps we’ll outline in today’s lash blog you can develop a healthy, bold, and beautiful set of natural eyelashes without falsies.

Eyelashes play an important part in every woman’s look. However, when it comes to eyelash routines, women often overlook protective and nourishing treatments. Instead, we spend more time applying harsh chemicals to our lashes such as those found in mascara, the glue from false eyelashes, and even some cleansers.

An important step to developing a healthy eye care regimen is getting a good eyelash serum. Eyelash serums are a healthy alternative to protect one’s eyelashes from damaging UV rays, heat, mascara, chemical, and aging. Lash serum also promotes growth, thickness, and luster.

This eye care protectant is used as a simple addition to one’s night time regimen to nourish the eyelashes back to health with a simple swipe before bed. It’s a low-maintenance, healthy, and semi-permanent alternative to grow longer, thicker lashes. And the best part? Lash serum reduces the need for an extensive makeup look, saving you time and money in the long run.

However, it’s important to note that some lash serums contain potentially dangerous chemicals, so be sure to look for a serum rich in all-natural extracts, like EVEDARE’s enhancing growth Eyelash Serum.



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Rich in all-natural extracts, EVEDARE’s enhancing growth Eyelash Serum has been scientifically tested to strengthen and nourish your eyelashes, while also increasing the volume, improving thickness, and reducing the deterioration caused by pollutants, heat, and sunlight.

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