7 Sustainable Beauty Hacks

7 Sustainable Beauty Hacks

One of the biggest misconceptions about sustainable beauty is that it has to be expensive. The trust is with some clever tips and tricks you can actually save money and shop sustainably. How, you ask? The secret lies in finding multiple uses for the products you buy, which essentially means you’ll get two products (or more) for the price of one. Genius!

And the best part is that these sustainable beauty hacks not only save you money but reduce the amount of waste and packaging you create, too. Affordable, sustainable beauty products - what more could you want? Here are our 7 favourite beauty hacks that bring you just that!


1.  Eyeshadow as highlighter

Depending on the shade of highlighter, it can be used in multiple ways from rouge to bronzer. To use as a highlighter, choose a light, shimmery shade of eyeshadow on your cheekbones, nose and cupid’s bone for a dramatic highlight effect.


2. Hair conditioner as shaving cream

Thanks to its thick, creamy texture and hydrating properties, hair conditioner is the perfect substitute for shaving cream. Lather on conditioner before shaving to moisturize and protect your skin in the same way shaving cream does. Be sure to use sustainable safety razor instead of single-use plastic alternatives!


3. Shampoo as a makeup brush cleanser


Your makeup brushes are designed to mimic the texture of hair, so why bother buying an expensive brush cleanser when you can simply use shampoo? Be sure to wash your brushes every week to avoid a buildup of bacteria that can cause breakouts and other skin conditions.


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4. Red-tinted lipsticks as a concealer


Although this may sound strange, red lipsticks can be used as concealer for light to medium toned skin. You can use lipsticks ranging from rouge red to coral to conceal everything from tattoos to dark circles under the eyes. Be sure to add a layer of foundation to match your skin tone.

5. Coconut oil for everything.


Seriously, nothing offers more uses than coconut oil - and I’m not only talking about in the kitchen! Coconut oil can be used as a moisturizer, body lotion, hair conditioner, makeup remover, hair product for frizz and dandruff, face mask… the list goes on and on! And the best part is it’s 100% natural too! Buy a large tub in bulk to save money and reduce waste.

6.  Moisturiser as a foundation.


Using a tinted moisturiser is the perfect sustainable solution for days when you need a light, fuss-free coverup.


7. Lash Serum for eyebrows


Eyelash Serum is designed to strengthen and lengthen your natural lashes. Lash serum works by prolonging your lashes’ lifecycle, allowing more lashes to grow before they fall out. With this in mind, it’s easy to understand how lash serum can work to create a fuller brow, too.


EVEDARE Eyelash Serum


EVEDARE is a clean beauty brand that uses all-natural plant extracts. Although it was designed to use on the lash line, many reviewers are finding it works wonderfully on the brows, too! Shop EVEDARE now using the button below and enjoy free shipping within the US.





7 Sustainable Beauty Hacks

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