7 Essential Vitamin Supplements for Healthy Lashes

7 Essential Vitamin Supplements for Healthy Lashes

As I always say, we need to care for our lashes the exact same way we care for the hair on our head. From brushing our lashes to conditioning them with a high-quality lash serum such as EVEDARE Eyelash Serum, healthy lashes require maintenance - and that doesn’t only mean looking after them from the outside.


We also need to nourish our lashes from within, which means providing them with essential nutrients to encourage lash growth. Just like the hair on your head, your lashes are strengthened when nourished with the correct vitamins and minerals, which can be acquired through a healthy diet. That being said, if you notice your lashes (or the hair on your head) are thinking out or falling prematurely, or even if you just want a natural boost to your existing lashes, these 7 vitamin and mineral supplements are recommended for healthy lash growth.



1)  Vitamin A


Vitamin A helps our bodies produce natural oils that moisturise our lashes and prevent breakage. Studies have found that not enough vitamin A can lead to hair loss, which translates to lash fall as well. Vitamin A can be found in vegetables such as sweet potatoes and carrots, as well as supplements.


2)  Biotin


Biotin is a B vitamin that is known for stimulating new cell growth, essential for regrowing fallen lashes. For this reason, a biotin deficiency can be linked to hair loss and, in turn, lash fall. Biotin can be found in eggs, almonds, cauliflower and other vegetables, as well as Vitamin B supplements.


3)  Vitamin C


When cells are damaged by stray oxygen molecules called free radicals, this can prevent healthy lash growth. Vitamin C is one of the most powerful antioxidants which protect cells from these free radicals. Vitamin C is also needed to create collagen, an important protein found in lashes. Vitamin C is found in many fruits, particularly citrus fruits.


4)  Vitamin D


Research suggests that Vitamin D is a vital nutrient to stimulate hair follicle growth, which is why vitamin D deficiencies are linked to balding. This could also affect your lashes, so be sure to include fatty fish, mushrooms and vitamin D supplements in your diet. 


5)  Vitamin E


Vitamin E is another nutrient that protects cells from free radicals. This means that Vitamin E could be a great supplement to combat lash fall and thinning lashes. Vitamin E is found in avocadoes and seeds, among other things.


6)  Zinc


Zinc’s function is two-fold when it comes to healthy lashes. Not only does it promote lash growth, but it also helps the oil glands around the hair follicle working properly, helping to nourish the lash with healthy oils and prevent breakage. Zinc can be found in oysters, beef and lentils.


7)  Iron


 Lastly, iron is essential for carrying oxygen around your body, making it essential for bodily functions including hair growth. Iron is found in meat, particularly red meat, spinach and eggs.



Remember, it’s important to check with your doctor before taking any supplements. However, if you maintain a healthy, balanced diet, you’ll be able to consume all the necessary nutrients for healthy lash growth from your food without having to take additional supplements.


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Source: Healthline.


7 Essential Vitamin Supplements for Healthy Lashes

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