5 Sustainable Gift Ideas for Women

5 Sustainable Gift Ideas for Women

When it comes to gifts, I love spoiling my loved ones. But ever since I started changing my lifestyle to a more sustainable one, my gift choices have been changing too. Today I choose gifts that I know my family not only want but will make good use out of, too. I also make sure that the products I buy are sustainable, natural and create as little waste as possible.


That’s why this week I’m writing about my favourite sustainable gift ideas that are perfect not only for the festive season but for birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions too.


1)  Experiences


Material things break, get lost or become obsolete, but memories last a lifetime! That’s why one of my absolute favourite things to gift a loved one (or receive) is an experience rather than a tangible object. Take them out for dinner, get them tickets for a show, or take them a boat cruise - the options are limitless!


2)  Reusable items


The world is finally catching onto how terrible sing-use plastic is for the environment, and I’m so glad it has! Single-use items such as plastic straws, cups, cutlery, makeup wipes, wax strips and face masks cause unnecessary waste and are a big no-no. Gifting reusable products such as steel straws, a stainless steel safety razor or a travel mug are all great sustainable gift ideas that eliminate the need for single-use items.


3)  Virtual gift cards


I love this zero-waste gift idea! Virtual gift cards for services such as Netflix or the Apple App Store can be used to buy intangible gifts that require no packaging and, therefore, no plastic. Considering that 8 million tons of plastic are thrown into the ocean each year, virtual gifts are a great idea for the eco-conscious. And, being a gift card, the receiver can choose what they really want without having to drop hints!


4)  eBooks


eBooks are another type of virtual gift that results in zero waste, making them a far more sustainable option than brand new paperbacks. That being said, second-hand books are a charming and personal idea that produce less waste, and inscriptions found from previous owners only give these books more character. Although they are tangible, giving a used book a new home means it doesn’t end up in a landfill, preventing unnecessary waste. 


Pssst - have you read my free eBook, Sustainable Beauty and Lash Care? In this ebook, I share the ways in which I’ve changed my habits to create a more sustainable beauty regime. It’s a complete guide that will help you transition into a more sustainable beauty regimen, too.




5)  Green beauty products


I always say that creating a sustainable lifestyle means finding balance, and as a lover of beauty products myself, I know how hard it is to go 100% zero waste! That’s why when buying beauty and skincare products (always a sure-fire gift for women) I always opt for products that are


  • Natural
  • Sustainable
  • Cruelty-free


Green beauty brands that use no potentially harmful chemicals are your best bet, and always ensure that the products you buy are cruelty-free! For example, EVEDARE Eyelash Serum is a wonderful choice for eco-conscious beauty enthusiasts who not only want gorgeous natural lashes but care for the environment, too.


Happy shopping!


Lots of love




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Top 5 Sustainable Gift Ideas For Women

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