5 Pro Eyelash Curler Tips

5 Pro Eyelash Curler Tips

There’s a reason why makeup artists and lash stylists agree: the most underrated tool in any woman’s makeup bag is her eyelash curler. Eyelash curlers can take any makeup look from “meh” to “amazing”, but only if they’re used correctly. And, with these tips, your lashes won’t only look amazing – they’ll be the start of your whole look even without falsies!


1.  Size matters


Not all curlers are made for every eye shape and size. If your lash curler is too short, it won’t reach across the entire lid, resulting in some lashes left uncurled. To avoid this, choose a high-quality lash curler with a long enough pad to cover your entire lash line.


2.  Tilt it up


I’ve already written about the correct way to use an eyelash curler for the best effects, but in short, the idea is to gently squeeze and pump for 3-5 seconds starting from the base of your lashes and work up to the tips. However, for an even more dramatic lash look, carefully tilt the handle of your lash curler up towards your brow while still holding it in place on your lash line. This will increase the angle of your curl and add a whole lot of pizzaz to your lash look.


3.  Keep it clean


A dirty eyelash curler is bad news for 2 reasons. One: a dirty curler is a breeding ground for bacteria that can easily cause an eye infection. Secondly, old, leftover mascara can become sticky and attach to your natural lashes, pulling them out as you release the curler. This means instead of having a gorgeous dramatic eyelash look, you’ll be stuck with a thin, patchy lash line - yikes!

4.  Immediately apply mascara


Think of your mascara like hairspray. The first thing you do after curling your hair is mist it with spray to hold your beautiful new curls in place. It works the same way with mascara. Bonus tip: avoid dehydrating waterproof mascaras that will damage and break your natural lashes and opt for a natural, cruelty-free mascara that will be gentle on your lash line.


5.  Don’t forget your lash care regimen


Even the best curler in the world won’t work on thin, brittle lashes. For lashes long enough to curl, be sure to adopt both an AM and PM lash routine that includes a high-quality eyelash serum. (My blog post, How to Get Perfect Lashes Naturally explains exactly what a good lash routine looks like).


For best results, apply EVEDARE Eyelash Serum to the upper lash line and allow it to dry completely before curling in the morning. Be sure to use your lash serum at night on clean lashes right before you go to bed.


5 Pro Eyelash Curler Tips

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